TheRealPlaza is an innovative online real estate service to facilitate the execution of international commercial real estate transactions.

We have created a collaborative business framework for independent real estate agents (aka realtors) based on Multi Listing Services (MLS) agreements types sign with property owners.

TheRealPlaza reinforces the communication of these qualified opportunities among selected realtors and directly to end users and international investors. We dramatically improve visibility, enhancing transparency and professional management of multiple real estate demands from different international markets.

TheRealPlaza combines two innovative tools on our website to promote and manage commercial opportunities:

1. TheRealPlaza Portal
2. TheRealPlaza Platform

Freedom of action: Members have different ways to use TheRealPlaza. They can keep their listings as private; or only accessible through the platform; or can even publish into the portal with different grades of visibility in selection.

Thus for example, a TheRealPlaza’s Realtor member that holds a mandate on a building for sale in Munich (Germany), might decide to release the listing among other realtor members (German or from any other country), increasing exponentially their ability to locate a demand managed by some other realtor member that represents a client looking for a building in this location. Or they can directly contact a potential customer through the portal to deal with it on behalf the property owner. So simple.

Portal users and realtor members will find in TheRealPlaza Services an innovative work methodology to qualify supply and demand mandates; a clear defense of transparency, loyalty and respect among members and towards all real estate market participants; reliability in the execution of transactions and continuous information about action taken out as well real estate market evolution.

TheRealPlaza is driven by the motto:

We provide local knowledge to allow international customers to find, deal and close real estate opportunities as easily as if they were locals

It’s play time. Welcome to your playground. The site where to succeed!