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  • Malaga / Marbella

Luxury Spa Hotel **** for Sale in Malaga - Spain

Luxury Spa Hotel ****, 40kms from Malaga airport. With an Andalusian style. Very close to Marbella and Puerto Banús. It´s for sale fully furnished and is still in operating.

Price: 15,000,000.00 €
Ref: 300-272
Type: Hotel&Motel
Plot Area: 152000 sqm
Floor Area: 5000 sqm
  • Malaga / Marbella

Hotel for sale in Málaga - Spain. Next to the beach

Hotel was built in 1964, is located in Malaga, in the south of Spain, on the beach, in a residential area that offers many services in its surroundings (bars, restaurants, etc.). Very good public transport connections.

Price: 14,500,000.00 €
Ref: 299-271
Type: Hotel&Motel
Plot Area: 3033 sqm
Floor Area: 6290 sqm
  • Milan/Milano

Portfolio of 3 city hotels for sale in Milan, Italy

Interesting investment for investors and hotel operators

Price: 42,000,000.00 €
Ref: 298-270
Type: Hotel&Motel
Plot Area: 1900 sqm
Floor Area: 2400 sqm
  • Madrid Surroundings

Office Building for sale in Madrid surrounding

Office building in a Industrial zone of Madrid surroundings. Building leased. The building have a 7,938s.q.m

Price: 13,000,000.00 €
Ref: 297-269
Type: Office
Plot Area: 7938 sqm
Floor Area: 7938 sqm
  • Barcelona City - 22@ / Olimpic Village

Leased office building complex for sale in Barcelona. 7 years compulsory. Investment Yield: @5.05 (see hidden opportunity explanation underneath)

Ideal for Long-term investors or even Developers. Residential area close to the seafront.

Price: 12,000,000.00 €
Ref: 296-268
Type: Office
Plot Area: 1121 sqm
Floor Area: 3359 sqm
  • Barcelona City

Leased office building for sale in Barcelona. 7 years compulsory. Investment Yield: @5.08

Ideal for Long-term investors. Core +. Prime location.

Price: 8,000,000.00 €
Ref: 295-267
Type: Office
Plot Area: 768 sqm
Floor Area: 2532 sqm
  • Madrid Surroundings

Office building leased for sale at Tres Cantos, north of Madrid. Single-tenant property type. Lease expiration: 10 years (6 years compulsory). Investment yield (2017): 5.00 % + CPI

Income Property type for long-term investor and family offices. Low rental price. Headquarter since more than 20 years ago of a very well-known company from the insurance sector.

Price: 9,250,000.00 €
Ref: 294-266
Type: Office
Plot Area: 4504 sqm
Floor Area: 4732 sqm
  • Madrid City

High streets retail premise leased for sale in Madrid city center recently rented to a telecom company. 3 years compulsory agreement. Investment yield (avg): 4.40 %

Income Property type investment for Private and Institutional investors. Very well-located asset and AAA tenant

Price: 1,850,000.00 €
Ref: 292-265
Type: Retail
Plot Area: 97 sqm
Floor Area: 82 sqm
  • Milan/Milano

Hotel for sale in Downtown Milan - Italy

Hotel of 4 stars, close to the downtown and business distric of Milan City. With very good transport connections. This hotel from 1960, had a refomation in 2017, with 90 rooms, very stylish and modern architecture.

Price: 16,500,000.00 €
Ref: 291-264
Type: Hotel&Motel
Plot Area: 690 sqm
Floor Area: 525 sqm
  • Rome

Stylish Hotel for sale in Rome - Italy

Stylish Hotel for sale in Roma downtown. Very good opportunity for one of the most interesting Hotels in Rome, with very good transport connections and commercial area.

Price: 21,000,000.00 €
Ref: 290-263
Type: Hotel&Motel
Plot Area: 1100 sqm
Floor Area: 4900 sqm