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  • Barcelona City

Apartment Building for sale in Barcelona - Gracia

Apartment Building, Ground floor, spectacular with double ceilings height. 3 stories, with 7 units total (4 available + 3 leased). Build in 1910, is within a quiet area with bars, restaurants, hospitals, close to public transport and tourist centers.

Price: 1,900,000.00 €
Ref: 282-257
Type: Apartment Building
Plot Area: 195 sqm
Floor Area: 592 sqm
  • Barcelona City

Apartment Building for Sale - Barcelona close to Plaza España

Residential building ideal for investment with 12 units total (6 available, 2 long term lease). 10 apartments and 2 commercial spaces. 8 min walking distance from Plaza España.

Price: 2,100,000.00 €
Ref: 283-256
Type: Apartment Building
Plot Area: 206 sqm
Floor Area: 706 sqm
  • Madrid City

Office Building for Sale -High yield 6% in Madrid

Office Building, close to Barajas Airport, and business centers and Fair. With a total floor area ​​of 22,649 mts2, with a ground floor + 5 floors (15,177m2), and 2 basements, for use of warehouses and 228 parkings (7,472m2).

Price: 35,000,000.00 €
Ref: 279-253
Type: Office
Plot Area: 6950 sqm
Floor Area: 22649 sqm
  • Barcelona City

Apartment building for sale in Barcelona - Sant Andreu

Apartment Building, 4 apartment units (3 dwellings forcible extension + 1 dwelling in process of eviction ) + and 2 retail premise leased on the ground floor (same tenant) .

Price: 490,000.00 €
Ref: 278-252
Type: Apartment Building
Plot Area: 441 sqm
Floor Area: 441 sqm
  • Barcelona City

Building for Sale - Representative of modernism style in the Eixample - Barcelona

An Income apartment building, almost fully leased. 11 apartment units (4 available, 1 long-term lease and 4 lease terms ), and 2 retail premise leased on the ground floor. Building located in a residencitial neighborhood, 20 minutes walk to the down town and 10 minutes by car, with countless neighborhood shops, bars, restaurants, entertainment venues. Very well connected by public transport with metro and several bus lines.

Price: 3,900,000.00 €
Ref: 276-251
Type: Apartment Building
Plot Area: 959 sqm
Floor Area: 959 sqm
  • Barcelona City

Apartment Building for sale in Barcelona the old town

Perfect investment for income property investors in a high demand product. Building with 19 units total, 18 of them are available, 1 long-term lease.

Price: 9,500,000.00 €
Ref: 275-250
Type: Apartment Building
Plot Area: 2685 sqm
Floor Area: 2685 sqm
  • Barcelona City

Apartment building in Barcelona for Sale, close to Plaza España

Apartment building for reform. Distributed in 10 apartments( 4 upper floors) + ground floor. 9 of them are long-term leases and 1 available. The retail premise is leased on the ground floor.

Price: 1,800,000.00 €
Ref: 277-249
Type: Apartment Building
Plot Area: 588 sqm
Floor Area: 588 sqm
  • Rome

Large operating hotel or student accomodation in Rome - Italy outskirts/university pole

This asset has been operating since 1994 as Hotel with its 28.500 cbc mt, with120 rooms, with 4* of 27 sqmt each room ( capable of up to 460 beds). This building will need reformations ( partially or totally ) into Student Accommodation, or Senior Retirement Home. It´s located in a quiet area close to the metro station, the GRA and good connection to the highway, Ciampino airport and, moreover to the University of Tor Vergata, which is the second University pole in Rome. .

Price: 11,000,000.00 €
Ref: 272-248
Type: Student Accommodation * Hotel&Motel * Senior Housing
Plot Area: 0 sqm
Floor Area: 9000 sqm
  • Valencia City

Multifamily building for sale. 112 rented apartments in Valencia, Spain. 75% leased, rest of the properties under renovation. 110 parking spaces. Current yield: 4.7% and potential of 6.15%.

Possibility of transfer the company that owns the property (tax profit)

Price: 12,000,000.00 €
Ref: 270-247
Type: Apartment Building
Plot Area: 10534 sqm
Floor Area: 10104 sqm
  • Barcelona - Airport / Mas Blau

Large car dealership multi-tenant building for sale close to Barcelona Airport, Spain

Multi-tenant single building, leased to independent second-hand car dealers

Price: 30,000,000.00 €
Ref: 268-246
Type: Retail Warehouse * Shopping Center/Mall * Car Parking * Petrol/gas station
Plot Area: 13180 sqm
Floor Area: 35916 sqm